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Constellary Tales Podcast

Apr 30, 2019

Constellary Tales presents an audio production of “Ambassador,” cover story of Issue #2.

(00:00) Audio production of Michael Adam Robson’s “Ambassador” from Constellary Tales Issue #2, narrated by Laura Lippman
(21:40) Adam talks with us about fungus-like creatures (some fictional, some that should...

Mar 26, 2019


(0:00) SFWA Grand Master Joe Haldeman takes Brian and Ken behind the scenes of his storied career in an exclusive interview. Among other conversation topics…
  • How “I of Newton” went from the page to The Twilight Zone
  • The unusual origins of Hugo Award-winning short story “Tricentennial”
  • Getting The...

Feb 27, 2019


(00:00) Guest Mark Linsenmayer from the Partially Examined Life podcast helps Brian and Ken push through the philosophical thicket of causality and precrime (and prepunishement) in Philip K. Dick’s short story “The Minority Report.”
(33:12) Mark and Ken square off in a game of trivia about Philip K. Dick...

Jan 29, 2019


(00:00) Robert Heinlein pushes the trope of recursive progeny to its absurd extremes in the 1959 short story “All You Zombies” (note: not about zombies). Brian and Ken discuss the story and the subsequent 2014 film adaptation Predestination and even kick around a few real world (!) examples.